Monday, November 28, 2005

Middle Age

I know that at the end of the last posting, I wrote "Next Week: Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?" However, I had some more personal things to see to this last week. What with Thanksgiving having come and gone and me about 1,400 miles from any family at all, and my 33rd birthday having just passed, I left that article to wait until I felt the inclination to write it.

Anyhow, I've been told that I've officially entered "middle age," though in truth I feel I have been, at least psychologically, middle aged for about seven years now. Looking back, I wonder how things might be different if I had made a few KEY different decisions. As it is, however, there's no need to dwell on past errors of judgment, sins, hurts, betrayals, or wrongs. Of course, there is an entire industry in this country *and the world* dedicated to doing just that.

So, I'll make a few quick points and shut this article down, and perhaps soon I will get around to writing that promised Is Maureen Dowd Necessary article.

1. Southerners who still harp on the Civil War need to get over it. They started the war, and they lost. Sit down, move on, and shut the f--k up!

2. Black folks who still cry about Slavery and all that mess also need to get a clue and get over it. That was 140 years ago; it's time to move forward. Again, sit down, move on, and shut the f--k up!

3. Muslims. You guys are NOTORIOUS for dredging up past history, mostly to justify your continuing attempt to conquer the entire world. You use it to excuse your evildoings, even claiming that you are acting rightly when you slaughter Christians, Jews, Black Africans, etc. Well, I got one thing to say to you: Sit down, move on, and TRULY shut the f--k up!

That is all. Have a nice day!