Friday, January 07, 2005

Tsunami Aid... Why I have no plans to contribute.

This is going to be a relatively short piece, as there really isn't a whole lot to say.

By now, the entire planet has heard the devastation and death caused by the tsunami created by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean. There are many nations around the world who are gathering money, supplies, and forces to help out in the affected areas. One of those nations that is in the affected area is Indonesia.

Indonesia is an island nation. Well, actually, hundreds of islands, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east (along with various other seas). This nation is an Islamic nation of well over a hundred million people. It has been none too friendly toward the United States, and is rife with al-Qaida and al-Qaida-aligned Islamofascist groups.

Many of these people would just as soon see the United States completely annihilated by natural and human disasters; however, we Americans are being asked to help out in that area to bring relief to the affected survivors of the tsunami. This sounds, on the surface, like a noble thing to do.

Take a good look, however, and ask yourself the following questions: When the tornadoes tore through the Midwest and Plains States this spring and summer, did anyone offer aid to the United States in cleaning up the affected areas? When a series of hurricanes struck the Southeastern and Southern Plains state of Texas, how many nations came to offer aid there? If any had done so, who would have been most likely to offer aid?

Well, here's an answer to each of those questions: No one offered help to the United States either for the tornado damage nor the hurricane damage. That answers the first two questions. The third is only slightly more difficult to answer. The nations that would have been most likely to offer help would have been: United Kingdom, Japan, Poland... possibly India. There may be others that would have offered aid. Do you think any Islamic nation would have offered any help? With the possible exception of Turkey, no.

Call me heartless; call me mercenary; call me unfeeling if you want to, but I am one American who believes we ought to NOT send aid to Indonesia, but spend the money here at home to give some homeless families a hand up so that they can at least attempt to move up on their own. In fact, I'd rather see the money go to homeless drunks; at least with the drunks we know exactly what they'll spend their money on.

In fact, instead of sending naval forces to aid Indonesia *particularly*, let us, instead, send a couple carriers to sit off the east coast of Africa and start bombing the Northern Sudanese military bases. Let's provide air cover, at the least, to the refugees in southern Sudan who are suffering under the racial, religious, and cultural genocide being perpetrated against them by the Arab-dominated north.

No aid to Islamofascists.

What about India and Malaysia and Somalia, you ask? Well, India refused all aid to them and decided that THEY were in a condition to OFFER aid. Malaysia and Somalia, we can help them out some. In any event, I say let the French and the Germans and the Russians offer more food and money to Indonesia.

Keep our money and food for those who could use it HERE.

The view expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the view of the Vast Right Wing NegroCon Zionist Conspiracy or its members.