Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr Little and Ms Sille Rant


What is with people? They plot and scheme, spreading false information to people with trust and control issues. These people (the ones with the aforementioned issues) then go off half-cocked with half-baked threats. Well, it is time for me to address said persons. I will refer to them as Mr. Little and Ms. Sille.

To Mr. Little:

I have seen your ways. I know your heart. Do not think that I cannot discern your motivations. It is ONE thing to wish for things, but quite another thing to seek to steal them from others. As it appears that you cannot win these things on the strength of your own merits (you have none), I will say this: Just because YOU haven't been blessed with enough stature, charm, or intelligence to achieve your desire does NOT mean that you will necessarily be overlooked. Too often your mouth has written checks your behind cannot cash, only to be rescued by others. This time, however, that credit may prove insufficient.

Further, if you think you are going to get what you want, you have another think coming. It is no one's fault that you have a dinky mind (among other dinky parts, I've been told), so understand this: Disingenuousness, lies, and schemes will only get you damaged. Quit now, while you can still remain intact.

Now, Ms. Sille:

Three things: 1) Where do you get off ranting and raving about calling up ex-boyfriends and all that mess? You fly off the handle because of what someone told you (falsely, I must add) that I said? You have a brain inside that skull of yours, I assume. USE IT! Think about this for a bit: How is someone going to say something if they are sound asleep? Does that make sense? I understand that you have trust issues, but DO NOT go using them against ME! I will not put up with it; nor will I continue to put up with what is fast becoming a control issue.

2) You have, also, a very nasty habit of being somewhat disrespectful. I have, up to now, been willing to forgive and forget. That is quickly ending. I am too old to put up with that kind of crap; also, I have been through this kind of thing before. It is not pleasant, nor is it tolerable for long. Thus, you can either cut that crap out, or you can be dropped. I am not into drama, nor am I into drama queens. You and I will sit down and converse like adults, or I will simply depart.

3) I also hear that you have been flirting and aiming to get with other men. I will say that I do not quite believe that, but know this: There are people who will tell me what they observe, and if enough of these reports come to me, there will be actions to be taken. I will have to look into them further and possibly conclude from what evidence there is what precisely is happening. Others may wish to ignore things, but I cannot.

In closing, I have a final sentence or two for the principals addressed here:

For Mr. Little: End your plots and schemes, or risk the annihilation of your ego, at the very least. You're a little troll, and little trolls get smashed.

For Ms. Sille: Two words-- Grow Up.

That is all.


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