Monday, May 09, 2005

Random Ramblings

Today is Random Ramblings day.... this means that I will simply place whatever thoughts come to mind in this article, expound a little upon the thought, and move on.



Random Rambling #1:

What is the deal with the left trying to remove Christianity and Christians from the political and social arena? I mean, what are these folks afraid of? Hey, let me clue you in on something: Bible-believing Christians are NOT going to take away your right to be an atheist, homosexual, hedonist, sex-driven, lesbian, satanist, etc. Beside, where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to be ANY of those things, anyway? Hey, evolutionists, guess what? It doesn't really work on a large scale. Genetically, mutations are always bad, and in order for evolution to really work, mutations must occur. However, whenever a mutation occurs, it is invariably a bad outcome. Besides, what are you afraid of about creationism (aka Intelligent Design)? If your belief really works, then you shouldn't be so fearful of a differing theory or view. Come on folks, get over yourselves.

Random Rambling #2:

Hey, homos! That's right, I'm talking to you! Guess what? Most people don't approve of homosexuality, and they certainly don't want to change the definition of marriage from its traditional Man-Woman bond to Man-Man or Woman-Woman or Man-Dog or Woman-Horse or any other variant. Besides, what's so great about being married anyway? Sure, married people get tax breaks and they often get power of attorney if a spouse is rendered incapacitate. Is that such a great thing, though? I doubt Terri Schindler (Schiavo) would think so. Besides, why do you want to be as miserable as straight people who are married?

Furthermore, screwing someone of the same sex is just sick. It's just rather disgusting. Of course, so's having sex with animals.

Random Rambling #3:

Speaking of animals, I got something to say to PETA and their ilk.

STFU! That's right! STFU! *if you're too dense to get what that acronym stands for, it means SHUT THE F*** UP!* I got no problem with not letting people abuse animals, particularly dogs and cats and pet rats and gerbils and hamsters and various other of our cute furry, feathered, scaly or exoskeletonous friends. However, I draw the line at people messing with my FOOD. That is correct. Bovines, swine, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, elk, deer, non-pet fish, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, squid, etc., are for EATING. If you don't like it, go suck an egg! I like most of the aforementioned creatures..... they TASTE GOOD! Especially with salt, pepper, sage, and a little oregano. If you don't wanna eat the animals, fine. That's your choice, but if you value your life *or at the very least, your fingers* do NOT get between me and my food!

Random Rambling #4:

The border. Particularly the southern border of the United States. Let's shut that puppy down. That's right, seal it up, allow passage only through designated areas, and search EVERYBODY trying to come through. You'll just have to put up with the delay. We'll check into EVERY part of your life history, and if we find ANYTHING we don't like the look of, or aren't sure about, you gets turned around and sent back. Don't like it? Too bad.

We round up all suspected illegals, put them on buses, and ship their asses BACK across the US-Mexican or US-Canadian border. No processing of paperwork for you to stay. If you wanted to be accepted, you should have come in legally. Also, once you're deported, don't try to sneak back across. There will be 125,000 troops on that US-Mexican border with orders to shoot anyone trying to sneak across. There will also be air wings and naval flotillas in the region. If the Mexican government shoots across the border, we invade. Take the northern half of Mexico *where the oil is* and say to the people, "You wanted to be in the US? Well, now you are!"

While we're on the subject of illegals, here is...

Random Rambling #5:

Illegals in the country who commit crimes against American citizens or permanent legal US Residents will be prosecuted and punished according to the severity of the crime. If you steal someone's car or break into someone's house while no one is home or present with the car, you get 20 years hard labor. You'll be shipped to far northern Alaska and put to work building a new super-prison. There will be no civilization for 150 miles in all directions from the prison, so escaping is tantamount to sentencing yourself to death. You will, once the prison is built, be incarcerated there for the remainder of your sentence. There is no parole, no "good behavior" time. Once you are done with your sentence, you will be tagged, branded, sent back out of the United States, and will be killed on sight if you re-enter.

If you carjack someone or pull a "home invasion" you will be sentenced to 50 years hard labor. The same scenario will apply as above. Violent crimes from assault to attempted murder will get you a life sentence with NO possibility of parole. Your home national government will be notified, and they will be told you are here to stay and rot. (Note: A foreign nation may negotiate for a prisoner exchange, but only if that nation has been relatively friendly to the US and/or has supported US actions around the world. This limits that list to the UK, Poland, Romania, Japan, Australia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, and Italy.)

Rape will be punished by castration, after which the illegal will be made to EAT his own testicles.
Murder will be punished by death by crucifixion. The crucifixion is to take place along the US-Mexican border with signs in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic that those who enter the US illegally and commit a crime will be harshly punished.

Child molestation or child murder will be punished by castration and THEN crucifixion.

No, the US Constitution does NOT apply to foreign nationals. ONLY to U.S. Citizens. All others are protected only so far as the Federal and State governments so choose to allow.

Random Rambling #6:

O.K. folks. Let's quit whining about how "the white man is keeping me down" or "the minorities get all the passes and breaks." Enough is enough! Black folks, get yourselves educated, make the effort and stop acting like the country and the world owes you. White folks, quit complaining about how "bad" you're getting it these days. You've done it to everyone else for a long time, and you're now getting some of your own medicine. Take it and then deal. Just like I said to the Black folks, quit acting like the contry and the world owe you something. You weren't the only people who built this country. Hispanics, particularly you new immigrants, here's a clue: LEARN ENGLISH! If you want to prosper and become Americans, LEARN THE LANGUAGE and USE IT! Everyone else does. If you don't really want to be an American, GET OUT! DO NOT COME IN, AND DO NOT COME BACK. Muslims, quit crying about being treated as if you were actually a terrorist. It was Muslims who attacked the US on 9/11/01. It's muslims who have been doing all the terrorist bombing. Here's the deal: Get in touch with your "muslim brothers" around the world and have a REFORMATION! Actively toss out the idea that the world is to become Muslim by any means necessary. Better yet, convert. Christians, not everyone who disagrees with you is out to get you. Nor are they all trying to force you underground. Yeah, there are a lot of folks who'd love to see you driven out of the public sphere, but not everyone does. Even if you are paranoid, don't sound like it.

To everyone not previously mentioned: See above. Some of us are covered by ALL of the aforementioned.

Random Rambling #7:

I have now run out of random ramblings for the time being. If any of you have been offended, DEAL WITH IT! After all, you were warned at the beginning.

Have a nice day!