Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Away Too Long

Greetings! This is D S Dunlap coming back to you here. I've been away from this blog for a number of years, and quite frankly, I'm rather surprised that it's still here. Life hasn't been quite so wonderful in the interim years, but that's the way Life goes, sometimes.

At any rate, I'm back and will start posting new commentary on various thing soon. In my next couple of commentaries I intend to comment upon large issues such as:

The 2012 Election
The 2012 Summer Olympics

Also, I will post personal observations more mundane topics, and even stuff that really only concerns me and some of those close to me. So, here I am again. If you enjoy my comments, wonderful. If I offend, well, that's Life.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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