Friday, November 18, 2005

Media Disconnected from Reality

It seems, these days, that the "mainstream" media is completely disconnected from reality. They reported the 2000th death of an American servicemember as if it were the Return of Jesus Christ Himself. Of course, when Jesus DOES return, you can expect that the media will only mention it in passing on "page 18" of the paper or in a 5-second blurb on the mainstream networks. Of course, this is where all stories of positive news about America, Christianity or Israel ends up.

The merest hint of the possibility that Americans have caused even the slightest discomfort to captured Islamic terrorists held by the U.S. make the front page in big, bold letters; or, it makes the top story of the "mainstream" networks, while the Islamic rampage that went on in Europe these past weeks, Iran's promise to wipe Israel off the world map, and any GOOD news about Coalition activities and efforts in Iraq are skimmed by, if not completely passed over. If they do give any depth to these aforementioned stories, it is only to find something that is either negative about America and/or Israel, or it is to make excuses and apologies for Islamic hatefulness and barbarism. One would think that the media were quietly approving of, if not actively aiding, the enemies of Freedom, Peace, and Life, if the reporting were any indication.

Of course, it stands to reason that many in the media are leftists who are opposed to the existence of any or all of the following: The Bush Administration, Republicans, Christians, Heterosexual men, the United States of America, Israel, Capitalism, Democracy, Republicanism, Jesus Christ, Absolutes of Morality and Virtue, and American Sovereignty. The blatant disdain for anything "Western" shown by today's media (along with Islamists everywhere) would be comical if it weren't so damn dangerous. By opposing the things on the aforementioned list, the media is actually endangering its own survival.

The rise of Intenet commentary and debate sites, of political and personal "Blogs" (this being an example of the latter), and of "talk radio" is merely the logical and necessary reactions of those who are NOT complete leftists, boobs, or sheep, to a media that has gone so far left, so partisan, so unbalanced, and so deceptive that it begins to make Josef Goebbels appear sane, reasoned, and truthful in comparison. For Goebbels, at least, acknowledged what he was out to achieve and was acting to guarantee the continued survival and success of both himself and his chosen party. Today's "mainstream" media, in contrast, doesn't seem to understand that they are undermining the very things that allow it to exist in the first place. In their hatred of all things American, Judaeo-Christian, and/or Bushian, they are aiding the very forces which, if victorious, will swiftly and brutally silence and destroy them.

Next Week: Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?


Blogger Darkkan said...

Good post, DS.
The media pisses me off more than the democrats they shill for.
Newsweek makes a false report on the US military mishadling the Quran and its the top story for weeks- until its disproved, then nothing.
I wonder how many Qurans were "mishandled" when the terrorists blew up that mosque in Iraq last week. We'll never know because our media is worthless for anything other than the propaganda arm of America's enemies.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Laffs said...

Man, this is so true! Makes me want to break TV sets! However, informed people won't fall for their tactics. Unfortunately, that's only about 10% of the population... sigh.


6:32 PM  

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