Saturday, July 09, 2005

The London attacks and the British resolve.

It has been several days since the attacks in London, and I'm just now getting around to commenting about it. As most of you know, nearly 50 people are dead, with hundreds more injured. London's underground system is closed in places, and the British people are in shock.

My heart goes out to the Londoners. They have suffered much in their long history, from fires and plagues to aerial bombardments to civil wars. The good old town of London holds in its memories two millenia of history. Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Scots, and Americans have all, at one time or another, had their troops in the city. In the cases of the Celts and Americans, the invasions were more friendly and cordial. The Romans, Angles, Saxons, Normans and Danes have been hostile, while the Scots have been there under duress.

In its long history, the City of London, and by extension, the Realm of England/Great Britain/United Kingdom has withstood it all. The people have gotten back to life and moved forward. So they will do now. They are not like the Spaniards, who caved and ran from Iraq after the Madrid bombings. In fact, if there's any people the British are like in the entire world, it is the American people... or maybe we Americans are like the British. A tough, independent-minded people who will not allow others to push them around.

The people who attacked London on July 7, 2005 are, most likely, Islamists/Islamofascists *for me the two are interchangeable*. They hoped to do to the British what they did to the Spaniards. Get them to cower, run for cover, and retreat back into their shell. Apparently, these folks never studied English/British History. The Brits don't cower and run... they stand up and hit back. Ruthlessly. Don't believe me, ask the Germans what happened to their cities when they attacked the British. Ask the French what happened to Napoleon when he decided to tangle with Britain. Ask the French about the Hundred Years' War (which the French won in the same manner that the North Vietnamese won in Vietnam: By political pressures at home in England and the United States, respectively, forcing the leaders to pull out.)

Now, the only people ever to really beat the English/British were the Americans. Why? Because we're just like them. (though the War of 1812 was more of a draw, and a war neither side really wanted, but just stumbled into) One reason the Anglo-American alliance has been as strong as it has been is because we're too alike. Neither the British nor the Americans respond too well to being hit. The symbols for Britain are not the lion and the bulldog for NOTHING. Ever tangle with a bulldog? You'll know what I mean.

The Islamists, if they thought they could do to the British what they did to the Spaniards, are complete idiots. They violently underestimate the anchors of the West: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Government, and Freedom of Person. These were hard-won over the centuries, and the British, like the Americans, are loath to just hand them over to some goat-herding religious fanatics who believe they should rule the world and be free to do whatever they want to whomever they want. The British will fight back. They will do so with the same tenacity as always. They will not allow their "left" to tie one arm behind their back, but will strike hard, ruthlessly, and without remorse. The day of the Islamofascist being able to cow nations into quietness, if not outright surrender, are fast ending.

In fact, this attack, like September 11, 2001, reminds me of a cartoon I saw on a website a while back. There are three Islamofascists with assault rifles cheering the 9/11/01 attacks. They're all celebrating, while a fourth holds a book that says "Japan in World War II." The one reading the book has a fearful look on his face, and the caption says, "Hey! Did you guys read the LAST chapter of this book?" Get the hint, folks?

There will be a reckoning. The British people will stand up, dust themselves off, and start hitting back. As an American of African descent, I am proud to say that England/Britain is our ally! If I gotta go into a back alley against a group of Islamist thugs with only one non-American person on my side, I want a Brit next to me! Not a Frenchman, not a Spaniard, not a German, nor a Chinaman, maybe not even a Zulu (though if that Zulu is anything like Shaka, I'll take him along, too). I want a soccer-loving, fish-and-chips eating, tea drinkin, stout guzzling, cricket-playin, dart-throwin Briton at my side.

Islamofascists, beware! The Wrath of God is being sent out for you, and He's using the British and the Americans to punish you! Hitting the USA was your biggest mistake. Hitting the UK is you compounding your stupidity and asking for annihilation. Get ready to "meet Allah!"

Raise high the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack! Let the world know that the Anglophones are pissed, and they're coming to take heads and scrotums. Stand strong, Londoners! The hour of reckoning is come.


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