Saturday, February 19, 2005

Life is Not a Video Game- Or So I'm Told

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A lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Fayette, Alabama claims 15 year old Devon Moore was encouraged to kill three Fayette police officers after playing the video game "Grand Theft Auto."
Attorneys for two of the families of the slain officers have filed a 57-page, $600 million lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Sony, Game Stop video game stores and Take 2 Interactive. The lawsuit alleges that a video game created and distributed by these companies trained and motivated 18-year-old Devon Moore to kill three Fayette police officers in 2003. An attorney for one of the families, Jack Thompson, said Moore acted out Grand Theft Auto move by move, including grabbing Strickland's gun and shooting him and two other officers in the head. At a recent hearing leading up to his murder trial, the teenager was quoted as saying "Life is like a video game. You have to die sometime."

Now don't get me wrong, I feel for these families, I really do. I have nothing but respect for law enforcement officers and their families, which is why I feel the need to say; this is just plain stupid.
Despite the obvious fact that millions of people play violent video games every day and somehow manage NOT to go on shooting sprees Mr. thompson and his clients have decided that the makers and distributors of GTA are responsible for the murders, not the young hooligan who actually murdered them. Give Thompson points for realizing that there's more money in filing a civil case against Wal-Mart rather than a poor teenager from Jasper, Alabama. That's a lawyer for you.
Thompson has somehow convinced these families to enrich him by taking on a lawsuit with little chance of winning and even less chance of seeing justice done for the three officers killed. If, by some miracle, Thompson can find a judge and jury incompetent enough to find Wal-Mart, Sony, and Take-2 culpable for the deaths of the officers, then how can the killer be found responsible? The civil case undermines the criminal case against the man/boy who did the actual shooting. Thompson's goal is to prove that Moore suffered from "decreased capacity for reasoning" as a result of playing GTA "day after day." Sounds like a fancy way of saying "Not guilty by reason of temporary insanity."
That's exactly what will happen if Thompson has his way- he'll collect an obscene fee and a killer will walk free. Everybody wins!

Moore's attorneys have already taken up Thompson's battle cry. On the same day the civil case was filed, Moore's attorney called the makers of GTA "evil-doers" and cited a Harvard University study which found that adults process violent games in the front of their brain, where they can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, while adolescents process the games in the mid and rear sections of the brain, which are dominated by emotions.
No word as of yet on which part of the brain processes ACTUAL murderous behavior, but its probably the same area that controls greed in lawyers.

Take Two issued a statement expressing the company's deepest sympathy for the slain officers' families, but denied that there is any link between the Grand Theft Auto game and real murder.
Shock! You mean cartoon violence isn't to blame for all of society's ills? I'll be damned. I guess after seeing Elmer Fudd shoot Daffy Duck in the face a million times, I just thought that was how people normally interacted. Who knew?
I wonder why officer Strickland didn't just tie the barrel of the gun that Moore was pointing at him into a knot.

Either Thompson has neglected to tell his clients that this civil case will most definitely hurt the criminal case, or they, like Thompson, have decided that monetary gain is more appealing than seeing justice done.

So where do we go from here? Can people sue Pac-Man if they're fat? Can we sue Super Mario Bros. if we bump our heads a lot? I've got video game related thumb discomfort, where's my $600 million?


Blogger Rich said...

Hear hear Darkkan, while I grieve for the slain officers blaming a video game is not the answer. The ultimate responsibility lies with the young man who made the choice to kill these officers.

9:51 AM  
Blogger DSDunlap said...


Just like I'm sick and tired of hearing black folks talk about how "the man" keeps them down, and just like I'm sick and tired of white folks complaining about "affirmative action," I have MOST DEFINITELY had it with people blaming "violent" games, music, media, etc. for their own criminal actions.

Suck it up and deal, folks.

2:31 PM  

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